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'malley,mayor stephanie rawlings-blake...and ten city delegates. (governor) "the big issue affecting baltimore city is making sure that if in fact the voters were to approve a sixth site that that would be to the detriment of baltimore city." (mayor) "i'm confident that we'll have a top quality facility that will rival national harbor, atlantic city and i don't think they'll be any impact."but city delegate curt anderson remains skeptical. (anderson) "we're supporting more gaming, we're supporting more gaming, all we're saying is that why does there have tt be more gaming and a sixth site? well, that's because mike miller wants a sixth site."delegate anderson blamessenate prrsident mike miller...for tying expanded another casino at national harbor. (rrdell) "some lawmakers say when they adjourned the regular session back in april, therer were only 41 delegates who were committed to supporting expanded gambling and a new casino, which means that they'll have to round up at least 30 more votes to get that bill enacted in the house if there's a special session." but as of today...that's
forthe race. the... mayor of baltimore... announces funding... "citi-watch"... program.... a... grant... from the abell foundation... will... help create .... database ... of... public and private... security cameras, .../ llowing... police... to quickly identify cameras ... close crime scenes...///.cctizens... and... business owners ... can... register... their... seeurity camera systems ... with... a... web application,.../// giving... police... access... when... there's trouble...// right... now,... the... citiwatch network ...includes ... 600-cameras ... city--wide. police... continue... investigating ... a... domestic shooting... in waldorf .../ that... left... one dead. dead.they... say... 33- year-old.... √°shea proctor√°... shot... his mother... and father... before... killing himself...//. police... were... called to the home... on... sea--grape court... around ... 5-am.... by... a woman ... who... saad her son... was arguing ... with... his step father..... the... mother... a will not reduce revenue...from a future casino in baltimore city.(tarrant) "we'd like to see some additional dollars come from off the top to go towards school construction for baltimore city public schools."(rydell) "but some lawmakers say the complex gambling bill should not be forced through the general assembly in a two or three day special session in the middle of summer."(carter) "to me, there's no reason that we can't wait and handle it with other business during regular session and have it on the 2014 ballot."but gambling supporters...say to wait two more years...would then put maryland far behind other states...which already.... offer live table games. that's why they wantthe gambling issue month. john rydell, fox 45 news...late edition. lawmakers... have been... told... to... set aside... the week of... august 6th.../ for... the... session. 3 a goodwill mission turns into an international incident. how mitt romney enraged an entire kingdom in just enraged an entire how mitt romney enraged an entire kingdom in just eight hours. common sense says, let's
even less than the power company. 3baltimore city fire chief &pjames clack says he may donat hii recent pay hike to charity. charity.the two percent raise givennto clacc by the mayor has come under fire---- for it's bad ttming.... while the city closes fire companies and preeiums ffr fire plack says he will donate the raise to the baltimooe firee foundation...... if rank and given the same increase in payy in their next contract.the mayor has dfended the decrease in city fire deaths under lack's leadership. wells fargo has agreed to pay 175 million dollars to settle a pricing discrimination suit. suit.baltimore city sued the mortgage giant for subprime lending practices targeting minority neighborhoods.the lawwuit claiis they steered black and hispanic borrowers into bad loans... resulting in mass foreclosures. "iq:people with similar qualifications should be treated similarly.... oo: not the color of their skinn" skin." 3 under the landmark eal, wells fargo will pay the city 7.5 millions dollars. the rest ill go toward compensation for borrowers and direct down paymen
, the baltimore grand prix is slated to racee through city streets..... it not only shuts down shuts off sales.... organizers of last years race lost millions of dollars....and left many bills un-paid. this year....theee's a new set of invessorssand nascar's michael it. (mayor) "i don't e - thinkkanybody can bb frustrated about andretti motor sports being eight weeks to go, the new organizers are already predicting this race will lose money. but with a five turn a profit next year. t (17736:44) "you're not going pt gee it right the first time out." (17:54:18) "i think in order tooestablish certain reddntials as a city,, you haae to do it a few times even if you loseemoney." (18:20:50) "hh's awfully luckyyhe can lose money this yearr ttey don't care about last year and have never recouped from laat year.. in federal hill, they've gained a race....and lostta business. ( 3 organizers aren't saying how many tickets arr sold ffr ttis planning to unleash a marketing campaign next weekk...and insist ticket &psales are on target with
montgomery county... one from wicomico county... nd one from baltimore officials remind residents that humid cooditions can lead to heatstroke and heat exhaustiin. that brings us to our qqestion of the day.we are asking you aaain if you are satisfied &pwith the mergency response t the ssvere storms. head to our facebook page and join the discussion. you can also comment from your mobile device, juss search fox baltimore and find us onlinee is churning ff to our - east.will theyyhii baltimore or will we be spared this time. time. let's go to chief meteorologist vytas reid 33 the hunt is on for the gunman who shot two people inneast bal. happened near the intersection of preston and north spring stteet... about found the victimmunresponsive when they arrived.homicide &pinvestiiators were callld to the worr on any suspects. police say thee're ready for fill the inner harbor for the f. &pfourth.janice park is live at there's heightennd security s, follooing last year's marred by violence. janicee they have a nn tolerance y policy this yea
baltimore city firefighters -& parentt who haven't had power pradition took on special 3 "it's like camping in your own house. (laughter) i'm hoping it comesson soon." soon." "not ideal, buu there you go..there re a lot worstt things in life." life."firefighterr shut off the alves at 11130.some are being told it could be another thhee of four days before their power will be restored. righttnow, more thann70 -ttousand peopleeare still without power.... 3 crews at the b-g-e command centee have been workiig round has called in aateam of 38- hundred people.. including reenforcmenns from other states. each areeassigned to various storm roles.... many shifts. "iq: you think about it, theyy literally hit the rack.... oqq hours." b-g-e exppcts to work throughout the eek and into the wwekend. so, far they've rrstored service to more than half a miilion customers. pain.. as firefighters climb -3 over a truck to his rescue... the victim of a runaway vehicle. a green piikup slammed into the sea pride craa house at monroe and pratt at about 2 o'ccock toddy. the truck struck a man standing at the
big problems for bge...right now... mooe than 65-thousand people are without power in baltimore county...baltimore city still has more than &p50-thousand people in the dark......and anne arundel county still has more than 30-thousand people who need electricity. meanwhile, governor martin o'malley is pushing for more ppogrrss. utility companies predict that 90-percent of homes will have power by friday.... and the governor's says that's not good enough. he gave reporters n update on the emergency response his afternoon. "iq: soo no i'm not satisfied... oq: without the three or four ays of hurricane wwrning." 3 that brings us to our question of the day.are you satisfied with the emergency response to the ssvere thunderstorms? a lot of unhappy people sounning off on our facebook page toniiht .... you can dot com slash foxbaltimore. meanwhill, area hotels areonce again packed tonight...with folks seeking refuge. refuge. and hotels thatare "pet friendly"...areextremely popular.the lowes annapolis hotel has been cateringto local wellas their pets. and the guests are grateful. (leude
any information about this are asked to call baltimore city police. a man who police say sexually assaulted a woman two months ago is now under arrest. arrest.police found ricky bostic along towsontown boulevard last thursday.they say he forced his way into an apartment on versailles circle, which just so happens to be a neighboring apartment building. cpl. kathleen batton, baltimore co. police: 11.43.58 "it's extremely important to get someone like this off the streets. we have three separate crimes. people were home at the time he committed these offenses." offenses."bostic lived in a first floor apartment he's now at baltimore county detention center. a man is behind bars tonight accused in a deadly stabbing in baltimore county. 3 mark brown jr. is charged with first-degree murder after police say he stabbed his acquaintance phillip weatherford.the victim was found inside his car about 2-30 monday morning near pulaski highway and ebenezer road in white marsh. they were traveling southbound on pulaski highway in the victims vehicle when an argument occured, durnig th
. prepared. an officer is posted outside the landmark theater in downtown baltimore. baltimore city police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here. but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high following a high profile incident. (guglielmi) "we want people to know that there are extra police officers there for their added safety, added security. just want to also inform them that if they see additional resources, it's not because of anything troubling or alarming. it's just simply we want to have extra people around to make sure that they have an enjoyable time at the theater." tonight, the amc movie theater chain is making security changes. the movie giant will no longer allow people to wear costumes or face-covering masks into its theaters. police say the shooting suspect in colorado walked into the theater wearing a gas mask. live in north baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news, late edition. 3 here's... our...
immigrants should get in-state tuition discounts for college. now - baltimore city hall - is taking up the battle. the mayor - now front and center - in this divisive issue. she's featured in a new ad in support of the dream act - although she never actually mentions the legislation. the ad also featured children as young as babies. and talks about the infinite possibilities for education. and while political analysts say the approach of tugging on voters' heartstrings may be an effective strategy... it's less likely that a politician's voice in the debate - will change the minds of many voters. <"most people know how they feel about it... don't need to be told by authority figures how to vote."> to be clear about the dream act - it's not about guaranteeing or denying student admissions. it's a matter of how much children of illegals should pay.critics of the law say it'll cost maryland taxpayers millions of dolalrs to subsidize their educational from city hall - melinda roeder - fox 45 news - late edition. see... all of our stories... about the dream act../.at... fox
companies in the city closed today.. due too baltimore's budget deffcit.but one of the companies that was supposed to close..... .. will be open a little bit longer. this is video oo truck 11 atta fireeon roberts treet in west baltimore last wednesday night. the president of the firrfiggters unioo says truck 10 will not closs until october. the heat wave smothering maryland seems to have broken......but not before a dramatic increase in the &pnumber of people who died fro heat-relattd problees. problems.state health pfficials now say 18 people have died from heat related causes...8 deaths were monday.2 of the victims wwre from other all of last year, 34 people died from the heat. anddinvestigatorr believe &pheat may have contributed to saturday's drowning of three young boys on the easternnshore. shooe.the boys-- ages 12, 11 swimm according to family mmmbers.they were lass seen playing basketballlat theirr church in federalsburg. ttying o cool off from the reeord 102- degree heat. wideline louis, federalsburg: "it's like a rootine: go to the store; get something to d
girl ii at the center of a city housing program tonight. tonight. keith daniels, live in east baltimore where there are signs of change on one blighted block...keith. 3 "iq: it makes peopll mooe comfortable... oq: feee more safe." 3 feel more safe."more comfortable... oq: "iq: it makes people 3&"iq: ii makesspeople more comfortable... oq: feel more safe." they say the homes prices thousand dollars. ddllars. for more information on the city's "vacant to value" homebuying program.... .....just go to our website, foxbaltimore-dot-com.... slash, newslinks. newslinks. live in eass baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45-neww late editiin. 3 3 a followup to a story you saw a deal with four defendants in saint patricks day. day. tte attack... which happened downtown...waa viddottped and possed on youtube....leaaing all four plead guilty to assault, and in some casss, robbbry. in xchanne for their pleas, prosecutors agreed to drop several charges. the judge had someeharshh words before sentencing. 10:28:10 this was reprehennible it was demeaning it was iilegal and it ddd causeethe city to be viiwed
anyone who syas that you nned &pmore bodies to make baltimore a safer city. no you need to adust our game plan instead of hirinn ore officers... the union suugesss better pay for thooe lready on theeforce. pnthony 14:00:09 for five consscutive years in a row we've reduced crrme to decade success ii working and it for to tinner with that straggy role education.... or lack there of can play in ii..... has also become a poinn of contention... the unnin wants ooly college educated recruuts. stand up12:19:10 another area the union brings is redrawiig the police bourndaries. the where the union argues is too crimm riden and tooobig for the numberrof officers assigned tt patrol it..union) 10:41:06 so you have an ffp that's here saying you don't need more police what e need issbetter policing better deployment of our ersources and taking better care of the phat got the job done for you. whether .... any of the unions sweeping reformssare applied will eeup to the mayor and new policc commissioner whoever that may be to lepola fox 5 newssat ten. the mayor'ssofficc issued a
for businesses "with all the money we pay in taxes to baltimore and the state of md this is ridiculous, ridiculous" ridiculous"that was just one of the many frustrated voices today...the city was forced to close 4 blocks from e. monument to milton street and more than a dozen businesses. you could really smell the odor of gas today, because the 15 foot sinkhole led to a broken gas line.the department of public works says this sinkhole was caused by a storm drain culvert...that acted like a washing machine...underneath the road, swirliig tons of water and trash. the culvert was installed all the way back in 1930. and this rood closure today obviously caused quite a bit of traffic...and anger: "the police open door and said ...everyone get out of neighbor" neighborhood""losing their damn mind, people pay taxes, i got to go shopping!" plan to open sidewalks up tomorrow...when its safe, the city will take cameras and crews underground to see how bad the damage for this could be closed for in east baltimore, janice park fox45 news late edition. angry... resid
who he may have treated. baltimore's v-a medical center is now offering free testing to any patient who may have been exposed... jeff abell, fox 45, news at ten. a city police officer is recovering from a car crash this morning in north baltimore. baltimore.this is the scene about 10-30 this morning on the alameda and 33rd street. you can see the officers patrol car... pretty banged up... the front bumper torn off... and the passengers side dented... the other car.... also had damage to the front end.the officer was taken to the hospital but is expected to be ok... no word on the cause of the crash. baltimore police release neww video of a mob of teens stealing from a downtown convenience store. myranda stephens has more on why the suspects won't face charges. 3 it happened march 23rd. dozens of students pack this downtown 7-eleven store for free slurpee day... but leave out with much more. surveillance video shows some of the teens stealing items from the store... before a wave of them head for the doors! some workers try to stop them - but some of the students attack them! the o
that people and businesses are investing in baltimore again." again."the project will include 64 new apartments.the city says it will be completed in june 2013. 3 3 3 7:13 "it's a bigger deal to people than i think most people realized." realized." questions about health care.why businesses are so confused about the new law. the accused colorado shooter back in court.the long list of charges he's facing now and the questions about the death penalty. and a solemn occasion gets out of control.the wild scene outside a funeral home in north baltimore. [ male announcer ] good paying jobs. better schools. that's what a world-class resort casino at national harbor would mean for maryland. but it won't happen if the special interests get their way. with thousands of local jobs and millions for maryland's schools on the line. we need to fight back. call your lawmakers and tell them to put national harbor on the ballot this november. because it's not up to the special interests, it's up to you. attack...//.a... select... number of journalists,... survivors... and... victim's... family members
Search Results 0 to 28 of about 29 (some duplicates have been removed)